Becoming a Fellow is recognition that you are a membership or association professional, working to the highest standards and exhibiting established competences, with significant autonomy and responsibility.  

It is the highest level of membership of the Society and recognises the personal and professional achievements of your career. It also demonstrates your level of professionalism, the wealth of experience and knowledge you have acquired, alongside your significant contribution to the sector.

As a Fellow, you will:

  • Be part of a co-mentoring community of excellence
  • be recognised as a Fellow on the Society’s website
  • have the right to use the post nominal letters FSAMP, Fellow of The Society of Association and Membership Professionals, to differentiate you from your peers
  • have the right to use the Society’s Fellow logo/badge
  • demonstrate to employers that you abide by the SAMP Code of Conduct
  • be invited to attend the annual Fellows meeting and dinner to share knowledge and advanced sector thinking
  • become an advocate and ambassador for SAMP and its members

Note: Member status will also be launched shortly.

Check to see if you are eligible to apply!